BPMN diagrams

Access to these features depends on settings made by your workspace administrator.

Activities list

The activities list shows all diagram activities as a list, in the same order as in the diagram.

You can filter activities by role, responsibility, or by clicking Add filter+ to add a custom filter. When filtering activities in a diagram the filtered activity displays in an 'Activities hidden' state. Click Clear filters to remove your filter.

You can show or hide overlays and select which overlays you want to view in the activity list.

  • To view the activity attributes, click the activity.

  • To navigate between activities, use the navigation at the bottom of the attribute panel or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

RACI responsibilities

In the activity list, the responsibilities according to RACI are shown.

The responsibility assignment matrix RACI is used to represent responsibilities for activities.

RACI is an acronym for the key responsibilities:

  • R for responsible: performs the activity

  • A for accountable: approves the activity

  • C for consulted: is consulted for the activity

  • I for informed: is informed about the activity

Responsibilities can be assigned to diagram elements.

Export a RACI matrix

If this action is available to you depends on your access rights. The access rights are set by your workspace administrator.

The RACI matrix lists the 4 RACI assignments and an additional responsibility where no RACI category was used:

  • R - Responsible

  • A - Accountable

  • C - Consulted

  • I - Informed

  • X- Participates

To export a RACI matrix as a XLSX or XLS file, click Export RACI matrix in the activity list. Select Use merged cells in output spreadsheet or Export file as .XLS (Excel 97) and click Export. The file is saved to your browser's download folder.