Which features are available depends on settings made by your workspace administrator.

When you click Processes, you can view all published diagrams in your workspace.

The file tree structure from the explorer is shown in the sidebar. You can expand the sidebar for a better overview. To view the folder content, click the folder name.

View diagrams

The diagrams are listed in a table.

  • To open the preview for a diagram, click the row outside the diagram title.

  • To open the diagram, click the diagram name.

  • To open a diagram from the preview panel, click the diagram or Go to diagram page.

You can zoom in and out of diagrams to view details. With the mini map, you can pick an area to view or to zoom.

View attributes

Diagram data, for example the date of the last revision, is displayed on the diagram page. Diagram attributes are listed.

When you click a diagram element, element attributes are displayed in the details panel.

Which data is visible is set by your workspace administrator.

If an attribute is displayed depends on the following:

  • Attribute settings for the element

  • Attribute settings for the diagram

  • Attribute visibility settings for the user

Revision comment

When you save a diagram in the SAP Signavio Process Manager, the revision comment displays in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub. Read more about saving a diagram in the Save a diagram section.

Linked diagrams

When a diagram links to other diagrams, you can view the linked diagrams in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub.

For BPMN diagrams, the following linked diagrams can be viewed:

  • DMN tasks
  • collapsed subprocesses
  • collapsed Event subprocesses
  • intermediate link events (catching and throwing link events)

For value chains, you can view collapsed processes.

  • To open a preview of the linked process, click the linking element.

  • To open the linked diagram, click the plus icon .

Diagram views

If different views are available for a diagram, you can select a view. The active view is displayed.

  • To select a different view, click View and select a new view from the drop-down list.

For BPMN diagrams, Full view and Compact view are always available. Full view shows all elements, Compact view hides IT-systems, data objects, and text annotations.

Modelers can create custom views for a diagram in SAP Signavio Process Manager. If custom views are available, they are listed in the drop-down list.

Your view settings are automatically applied when you open the next diagram. If your last selection was a custom view and no matching custom view is available for the next diagram, Full view is visible.

DMN diagrams

When a DMN diagram is linked in a BPMN diagram, you can preview the DMN diagram by clicking the DMN task.

You can run DMN decisions and subdecisions in the preview panel. To run a decision, click Run decision in the preview panel. The DMN simulation opens in a new browser tab. Here you can enter different values and check the corresponding the decision.


Overlays are attribute visualizations that are added by modelers when they create a diagram in SAP Signavio Process Manager.

If an overlay is displayed depends on the overlay settings in SAP Signavio Process Manager.

Read more about overlays in section Overlays.


Open comment panel.  
Select visible overlays.  
Open a legend with definitions of diagram elements.  
Enable/disable full-screen view.  

Fit diagram width to screen width.

Current zoom level. For continuous zooming with a slider, click the icon.  

Zoom in/out.


Show or hide mini map.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Function Shortcuts  

Press F to use full-screen mode.

Press Esc to exit full-screen mode.

Fit to screen Press Shift+1 to fit diagram width to screen width.  

Press + to make everything larger.

Press - to make everything smaller.

Press Shift + 0 to reset.

Mini map Press M to show or hide mini map.  

Next Steps