Your launchpad

The launchpad is personalized. You see content that is the most relevant to you.

The functions available to you depend on your license.


Here you see the content you recently viewed and the content you starred. You also see the process landscape diagram for an overview of all processes in your workspace.


In your newsfeed, you see which new content was published in your workspace.


All your starred items can be found here. This is the same list you see when you click See all on the home page.


All items you recently opened. This is the same list you see when you click See all on the home page.


Open your Workflow Accelerator inbox in Collaboration Hub by clicking Tasks.


Here you see all published diagrams in your workspace. This is the same list you see when you click See all on the home page.


Here you can view your Process Intelligence investigations.


View all dictionary entries for your workspace.

To edit a dictionary entry, click the entry and then click .

To create a dictionary item, click Create in the menu bar.

To open content you see in your Newsfeed, your list of Starred items, in Recent or in Diagrams, double-click it. Items you opened are listed in Recent.

When you click once, you open the preview panel for the item. If you only open the preview panel, the item is not listed in Recent.


Here you find widgets for investigations that are relevant to your workspace. Below the widget is the link to the investigation.

Recently visited

The items you opened last are shown as tiles. Click once on a tile to open.


The items you starred most recently are shown as tiles. Click once on a tile to open.

You can star an item by clicking .

The following items can be starred:

  • Diagrams
  • Dictionary items
  • Dictionary categories
  • Files
  • Folders

Click to search across all Signavio products.

Limit your search to one content type:

  • Click All types.

  • Select the content type you need.

  • Enter your search terms.

If you enter more than one search term, the results by default contain all search terms (AND). To also get results that contain one of the terms, add OR between search terms.

Also search in content

The standard search finds keywords in the title and the description. To find your search term in other areas, select Also search in content.

With Also search in content selected, the search term is found wherever it is used in user-created content, for example in task names or attributes.

The search in content also considers uploaded documents.

At the moment, Also search in content is limited to content created in Process Manager.


You're notified about new comments and about new revisions for diagrams you've commented on.

The icon shows you the number of new notifications. Click the icon to open notifications.

You can get to a diagram or the Comments panel by clicking a notification.

You can decide per diagram if you want to receive notifications and you can mark one or all notifications as read.

To stop notifications for a diagram, click in the diagram view and select Stop notifications. This stops the notifications in Collaboration Hub. Notifications in Process Manager are not affected.

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