Attribute management

Attribute groups

In this section, you define how attributes are grouped and sorted across the workspace.

  • Before you create any groups, all attributes are listed in Ungrouped attributes. This means that by default there are no attribute groups in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub. You can manage attribute visibility in the Attribute visibility section of the settings without creating groups.
  • When you create attribute groups, only the attributes added to a group are shown, depending on visibility settings.
  • Each attribute can only belong to one group. After you move an attribute to a group, the attribute is no longer listed in Ungrouped attributes.

Add an attribute group

To add attributes to a new group, follow these steps:

  1. Select a Notation set from the drop-down list.

  2. Click New group.

  3. Enter a name for the group.

  4. To add attributes, click them in the Add Attribute drop-down list. To find an attribute, enter a search term.

  5. To reorder an attribute, click and drag the attribute to its new position.

  6. Click Save to apply the changes.

Move attributes between groups

To move attributes from one group to another, follow these steps:

  1. Click a group to open the attribute list for this group.

  2. Click all attributes you want to move. Selected attributes are highlighted.

  3. In Send to, choose a group from the drop-down list.

  4. To move the attributes to the chosen group, click Move.

  5. Click Save to apply the changes.

You can move attributes from Ungrouped attributes to your groups this way.

Preview by shape

Click Preview by shape to check if your attribute selection looks as expected when groups and attributes are sorted by shape.

Delete an attribute group

  1. Click in the group you want to delete.

  2. Confirm with Delete in the dialog. The group's attributes are moved to Ungrouped attributes.

  3. Click Save to apply the changes.

Recreate the diagram overview from Classic SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub

In the classic version of SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub, detailed diagram information is calculated automatically and shown in diagram overviews.

If you want to show the same information in the diagram overview, add the following attributes to an attribute group:

Attribute name Attribute type BPMN Value chain DMN
Activities Text x    
Input/Output Documents Text or Dictionary list x    
Dictionary items Dictionary list x x x
IT Systems Dictionary list x    
Linked diagrams Model link list x x x
Linked documents File list x    
Linking diagrams Model link list x x x
Parent processes Model link list x x  
Process result Text x    
Roles Text x    
Process Level Text x x  
Process Trigger Text x    

Which attributes are shown in the overview depends on the notation.

Setting attribute visibility

In the Attribute visibility section, you can set which attributes are visible for an audience.

Header attributes

You can select the attributes that are shown for each audience at the top of the diagram page. The following attributes are available:

  • Process level

    The process level can be counted from level 1 or level 0. When you disable this attribute, your users won’t see the process level pyramid.

  • Revision number

  • Last updated/published

  • Last author

Diagram and element attributes

You can select which attributes are shown to an audience. The attributes visibility of dictionary entries is set per dictionary category.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select an audience.

  2. Select a notation set.

  3. Select a level. You can choose between diagram attributes or element attributes.

  4. If you have attribute groups, select an attribute group.

  5. Enable or disable Show group to show or hide the complete attribute group.

  6. When you have enabled Show group, you can set the visibility of each attribute.

    • For new groups, the default setting is Invisible.

    • Groups from classic SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub keep their visibility settings.

    • Visible if set shows the attribute when the attribute has a value.

  7. Click Save to apply the changes.