Here you can manage the different audiences for SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub.

Audiences are based on the user groups available in a workspace.

To be able to add additional audiences, you first need to add user groups to your workspace. Read more about adding user groups in section Manage users and groups.

General audience

Before you add audiences, the settings for the General audience are applied to all users.

The General audience includes all users that aren't members of a specific audience.

Add an audience

  1. Select a user group from the drop-down list of available user groups.

  2. Click Save to apply the changes.

Delete an audience

  1. Click in the audience you want to delete.

  2. Confirm with Delete in the dialog.

  3. Click Save to apply the changes.

    • If the users of the deleted audience aren't members of another audience, settings for General audience are applied.

Audience selection in the user menu

In the user menu, users can view the audiences they belong to and switch between audiences.

By default the General audience can also be selected in the user menu.

When you disable the option Show General audience for a specific audience, users in this audience can no longer switch to the General audience view.

Users who are members of more than one audience can switch to the General audience if this option is not disabled for all audiences to which they belong.

For the General Audience itself, this option can't be disabled.

If all users in a workspace are members of audiences, and the option Show General audience is disabled for all audiences, the General Audience is no longer available in the user menu.