Process levels

When modeling users create a high-level overview of the main process, they model subprocesses in separate diagrams and link these subprocesses to the main process. The subprocesses can also contain links to processes.

The high-level overview is usually the top-level diagram of your process hierarchy, on process level 1. The processes directly linked from this overview are on level 2. Any subprocesses of the processes on level 2 are on process level 3. The maximum level is 7.

The process level count can start at process level 0 or 1. This is set by your workspace administrator.

View process levels

The process level indicator shows the process level of the current diagram.

When you click the process level indicator, the current process and all processes on higher levels in the same hierarchy are listed. For top-level processes, no other processes are listed.

Processes that reference the diagram but aren't part of the current hierarchy are listed below the hierarchy. You can open all diagrams by clicking them.

The current diagram is highlighted.

How process levels are calculated

The process level displayed for a diagram can be different than the expected level.

The following can result in an unexpected process level:

  • The shortest path for a process to a top-level diagram is considered. Processes linked from more than one diagram can be on different process levels across the process landscape, shown is always their minimum process level.

  • For the shortest path, cycles are excluded, for example if two diagrams are referencing each other as subprocesses.

  • Any diagram that's not referenced in another diagram as a sub-process is a top-level diagram. Top-level diagrams don't need to link to diagrams on lower levels.

  • If several paths of the same length are available for the shortest path, the system selects one automatically, based on internal IDs. Additional diagrams that reference the current diagram are listed as Also referenced by other diagrams below the diagram hierarchy.

  • Only published diagrams are included in the calculation. The process level can be different for published and unpublished versions.

  • Custom attributes linking to diagrams do not influence the process level. While a link in a custom attribute can represent a hierarchical relationship that marks a specific process level, links can also be added via custom attributes to add information or to mark trigger processes. Since no information about the link purpose is available for the calculation, these links are not included when determining the process level of a diagram.