With the search function in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub, you can search for content from the complete Business Transformation Suite.

  • To enter search terms, click .

By default, the search results contain hits for all content types.

To refine search results, you have the following options:

  • To limit your search to one content type, click All types and select a content type from the list.

  • You can use search filters, for details see section Search filters.

Also search in content

The standard search finds keywords in the title and the description. To find your search term in other areas, enable Also search in content. Then, the search term is found wherever it is used in user-created content, for example in task names or attributes.

This search option also considers uploaded documents.

At the moment, Also search in content is limited to content created in SAP Signavio Process Manager.

Search filters

To refine the search results, you can add search filters.

Search filters are available for diagrams, files, and folders.

To add a search filter, follow these steps:

  1. Perform an initial search.

  2. Select Diagrams, Files, or Folders in the side bar.

  3. Click Add filter and select a filter from the list.

  4. Click the filter and enter a value.

  5. Save with Apply. The search results are filtered.

You can add multiple filters.

Remove search filers

  • To remove a search filter, click in the filter field.

  • To remove all filters, click Clear filters in the search results.

Search operators

The following search operators are supported:

Search operators


Wildcard (*)

The wildcard character (*) is a placeholder for one or more characters.

For example, the search term lab*r returns results for both British English (labour) and American English (labor).


Connect search terms with AND to only get results that contain all terms. Search terms are connected with AND by default.


Put a phrase in quotation marks ("...") to get an exact match.

For example, "Process Manager" lists all results that contain the complete phrase Process Manager, and not items that only include the term Manager.

Use quotation marks when you search for hyphenated terms, for example "e-learning".

This search does not include partial matches, the phrase needs to consist of complete words.