When modeling users create a high-level overview of the main process, they model subprocesses in separate diagrams and link these subprocesses to the main process. The subprocesses can also contain links to processes.

You can view linked processes in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub.

View subprocesses

Elements that link to other diagrams are marked with a + icon.

You can view the element details for the linking element or open the linked diagram.

  • To view the element details, click the element.

  • To open the linked diagram, click the + icon.

Displayed attributes

Attribute values of the subprocess can be displayed for the subprocess element of the main process.

Attributes are populated from the linked subprocess if the following conditions are met:

  • The same attribute, with the same ID, is available for both the subprocess element and linked process.

  • The attribute value is only set on the linked process and not on the subprocess element.

  • The attribute is visible for the user

Attribute settings and attribute visibility settings are managed by your workspace administrator.

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