View revisions

Access to this feature depends on your workspace settings.

With the Revision switcher, you can view every revision of a diagram directly in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub. You can revert to previous revisions from the diagram view.

You can access the Revision switcher from Preview and Publish view. Unpublished revisions are opened in Preview automatically.

On the diagram page, you can select the revision of the diagram you want to view.

  • Comments are only visible for the last published revision and the newest revision.

  • For past revisions, the process level indicator is not visible.

  • You can share the URL of a revision.

By default, published diagram revisions are listed. The complete revision list is shown when you enable Show unpublished revisions.

Compare revisions

You can open the diagram comparison tool from the diagram actions .

Read more about the diagram comparison tool in section Compare revisions.

Manage revisions

  • To manage revisions, you need to be in Preview.

  • The currently published version is always opened in Publish view.

  • What actions are available to you depend on your access rights. The access rights are set by your workspace administrator.

Publish and unpublish revisions

You can publish and unpublish revisions from the diagram actions .

Restore a revision

You can restore a previous revision from the diagram actions .

A restored revision is added as a new revision.

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