GDPR compliance

Data Subject Requests

In certain circumstances, individuals may have the following rights in relation to personal data:

  • Right to access personal data.
  • Right to rectify inaccurate personal data.
  • Right to erase personal data.
  • Right to restrict processing of personal data.
  • Right to data portability.
  • Right to object to processing of personal data.
  • Right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data.

If an end user of SAP Signavio products wishes to exercise rights in relation to personal data that may have been collected via, or stored within, SAP Signavio products, the end user should contact the party that is subject to the license agreement with SAP Signavio (which may be the end user's employer). If that contracting party requires additional assistance, it may contact SAP Signavio service experts on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

Attention: This process only catches records that are clearly connected to dedicated fields for personal data. This means, for example, if an email was typed into a text entry process documentation field, this documentation will not be considered by the data subject request since the documentation is not associated with a personal data field.

If an individual wishes to exercise rights in relation to data for which SAP Signavio acts as data controller, they should contact