Change elements

Only one person can edit a journey model at the same time.

If someone else is already working on a journey model, you're notified when you open it. You can take over from the current editor. While you are working on a journey model, you can open the same journey model in more than one browser tab.

All changes are saved automatically. A green checkmark shows that saving was successful.

Clear elements

  • To remove the name of a section or a stage, click next to the name and select Clear cell.

  • To remove all content from a stage, click in the stage element and select Clear stage.

  • To remove all content from a column, click in any cell of the column and select Clear column.

  • To remove all content from a section, click in any cell of the section and select Clear section.

  • To remove content from a cell in a section or a column, click in a cell and select Clear cell.

When you clear elements, styles aren't removed.

Select elements

  • To select a stage with all included elements, click the area above the stage.

  • To select a column, click the area above the column, below the stage.

  • To select a section, click the area to the left of the section name.

When you hover over these areas, you also find the reorder icon .

To select multiple elements from different stages or columns, hold the Shift key while you click the elements.

Reorder elements

You can move columns and sections. You can't move the Stages line vertically, but you can reorder individual stages horizontally. It isn't possible to move single cells of lines and columns.

To move an element, click and hold the reorder icon and drop the element in its new location.

Element actions

When you click an element or select elements, you find all actions available in the element actions.

Depending on the section type and your selection, you can do the following:

  • Add styles (details below).
  • Edit the cell content by clicking.
  • Open the comment panel by clicking.
  • If available, you can select more actions by clicking.

The additional actions when you click depend on the section type and what you have selected.

For example, additional actions can be Clear cell or Delete column.

Add styles

You can add styles to cells individually, or in bulk, by selecting an entire stage, column or section.

Select the elements and click the style you want to add:

  • To add an outline in color, click .

  • To fill a card with a color, click .

  • To add a background color to a cell, click .

When a style was applied to an element, the formatting icon reflects the style. You can add multiple styles to an element.

To remove a style, follow these steps:

  1. Select the elements from which you want to remove a style.

  2. Click the style you want to remove.

  3. Click Clear style.

    The style is removed.

Rename elements

All user-added texts and labels are editable, including the journey model name and the description.

Click a text to edit it.

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