Getting started

SAP Signavio Process Explorer provides a self-service collection of value accelerators and resources like business-capability and solution maps, process models, metrics, industry best practices, and SAP best-practice and product recommendations.

You can explore process knowledge from different perspectives and for different purposes.

Transformation phases

A business transformation project can be divided into the following phases:

  • Strategy

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Operations

You can directly go to content relevant for a phase from the entry page.

The content is explained in more detail in these sections:


Most elements of the diagrams and maps in SAP Signavio Process Explorer are clickable and link to other content.

You usually get from the more general to the more detailed information by opening linked content.

To help you find the content most relevant for you, this guide provides details on the navigation structure.

Watch this video for the navigation basics.

For a detailed description, see section Navigation.

Available content

A detailed overview of all available content and what was recently added can be found in the release notes.