Attract-to-Aquire-Talent in SAP SuccessFactors

Description This business process accelerator tracks the application process of a candidate for a job opening in SAP SuccessFactors. It captures events related to the Job Requisition and Job Application business objects. The case ID for this template is set on the Job Application ID. There is one exception to this. Whenever a Job Requisition is created and there are no Job Applications yet, the Job Requisition ID will be the case ID.
System SAP SuccessFactors
Process Attract-to-Aquire-Talent
Use cases
  • Increase applicant satisfaction

  • Reduce time to hire

Industry all
Status available
Sizing information Identify the number of entries in the table JobApplication. Remember to use any filters if the scope of the project is reduced, e.g. date filter on column “applicationDate”.