Automated insights

Automated insights provides you with advanced statistics and data points of interest.

Insights generation is based on integrated algorithms and the metrics that are added to your process. The cycle time metric is available by default in every process. So, you can generate cycle time-based insights instantly. The more metrics are assigned to a process, the longer it can take to generate insights.

You have the following options:

The following table compares insight generation for investigations and processes.

  Insights for an investigation Insights for a processes
Data view

Insights are generated based on the data view that is configured for the investigation.

When you have the manager or analyst role for a process, you can change the data view of the investigation.

Insights are generated based on the data view that is assigned to you.

When multiple data views are assigned to you, you can choose which one to use to generate insights.

Filters When filters are applied to the investigation, insights are generated only for the filtered data. Not applicable
Widgets The widgets on your investigation have no effect on insights generation. Not applicable