Connectors for data pipelines

The connectors link the source systems to SAP Signavio Process Intelligence.

We provide connectors for the source systems listed below.

About beta versions

For some connectors we provide only the beta version.

When you use a beta connector, the following applies:

  • Unexpected errors can occur.

  • A beta connector can have limited performance compared to a generally available connector.

  • Once a connector is generally available, you may need to re-configure your data pipelines.

  • We can replace one beta connector for another one.

  • We might deactivate the connector.

  • We don't support beta connectors or other beta features.

If you would like to provide feedback on beta connectors, please contact our Product and Consulting teams.

List of connectors

The following connectors are available:

Source system Version Limitations apply
AWS Athena Full Yes. Read more in the Current limitations section.
AWS S3 Full Yes. Read more in the Current limitations section.
Elasticsearch Full  
Google BigQuery


Ingestion API Full Yes. Read more in the Connector - Ingestion API section.
Jira Full  
Microsoft SQL Server Full  
MySQL Full  
OData Full  
PostgreSQL Full  
SAP ECC Full  
SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Full  
SAP SuccessFactors Full  
ServiceNow Full