Advanced extraction by script

  • The advanced extraction mode is only available in SAP ERP and SAP HANA source data. Read more in sections Connector - SAP ERP and Connector - SAP HANA.

  • If you are making advanced extractions while connected to SAP S/4HANA through Secure Network Connection(SNC), you must define extra connection arguments without spaces between them.

    For information on how to add additional arguments, refer to Create a connection section.

In a table's advanced extraction mode, you use a script to specify what data to extract from a table.

In an extraction script, you can specify standard extraction options such as a partition strategy and filters, as well as custom extraction options.

You can decide for each table whether it is configured by script.

To know how to extract data, see the Advanced data extraction section.

Error linting for extraction code

The script editor provides a linter that parses the script and detects errors related to extraction code. Rows with errors are highlighted and indicated by a red dot. If available, additional information is displayed when you hover over the error.

Supported data types

The following data types are supported as delta parameters in extraction scripts:

Data Type Notes
Date The date data type must be in YYYY-MM-DD format.
ID The ID data type must be an integer with a value not exceeding 2^32-1.

Add a table

You can't change the configuration mode of a table back to standard. If you want to configure a table in standard mode, you need to delete the table that is configured by script and add the table again. Then, follow the instructions in section Customize tables and columns.

To add a table and configure the extraction by script, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Manage Data > Source data.

  2. Click then Edit to open source data.

  3. Click Add Table.

    The table selection dialog opens.

  4. Select the table you want and click Next.

    The extract configuration type dialog opens.

  5. Select Advanced and click Next.

    The advanced extraction dialog with a script template opens.

  6. Customize the extraction code in the script editor or add your own code, and click Save.

    The table is added to the source data.

Edit a table

To edit the extraction code of a table, Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Manage Data > Source data.

  2. Click then Edit to open source data.

  3. Select a table and click .

  4. Tables extracted with the advanced extraction feature are highlighted in blue on the source data page.

  5. Click Configure.

    The advanced extraction dialog opens.

  6. Apply your changes and click Save.

    The table is changed according to your edits.

Delete a table

To delete a table, follow the instructions in section Delete a table.


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