Customizing Transformation Rules

You can add or customize transformation rules from two places:

  • From the Process data model card in the Overview tab

  • From a business object in the Process data model tab

Follow these steps:

  1. Open your process data pipeline.

  2. Add transformation rules from either of the following tabs:

    1. On the Overview tab, find the business object in the Process data model card and select it.

    2. On the Process data model tab, choose the business object, and select Action menu > Edit.

    The script editor opens. Available scripts containing the transformation rules are listed in the sidebar.

  3. To add a new event collector, select Add event collector and write your script. Read more in the Script Editor Options section.

  4. To customize existing event collectors, select the event collector and modify the script.

  5. Confirm with Save. It saves the changes made to that specific event collector.

    Your changes are applied when the data pipeline is executed the next time.

When more than one person modifies the same event collector at once and tries to save it, the last person who edited that event collector will be prompted to overwrite the changes. On the popup window, using the More option, the incoming changes can be accepted or rejected. If you choose to reject, your changes will be saved as a new event collector.

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