What is SAP Signavio Process Intelligence?

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence enables business users to run in-depth process analysis. As a product of SAP Signavio's SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence can serve as a core facilitator of data-driven change.

The processes that run in your organization continuously leave traces of data behind in places such as your ERP and CRM systems. SAP Signavio Process Intelligence is about analyzing this data to gain insights into the exact flow of your processes.

Application scenarios

The following scenarios serve as examples for a SAP Signavio Process Intelligence initiative:

  • You manage some production facilities. Although they use the same equipment, resources, and processes, some facilities are more productive than others. You want to find out why that is the case and optimize operations based on your findings.

  • You run a customer service center. You notice that more and more customers with apparently trivial problems are waiting very long for a response from the support team. You need to find out why your support process is going badly in these cases.

  • You are a risk manager in a financial organization. In the past, rare cases with risky transactions were overlooked. Now you want to identify such cases before the transactions are carried out. Unfortunately, you don't have the resources to identify cases with non-compliant behavior.

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence can be the solution for all scenarios. It is best suited to evaluate process data according to your needs and gain deep insights into your processes. For example, you can use it to do the following:

  • identify the root causes of poorly performing processes

  • detect and visualize compliance violations

  • monitor process performance and act on critical cases and performance bottlenecks