Share an investigation with other SAP Signavio Process Intelligence users

As the owner of an investigation, you can share your investigations with other users of SAP Signavio Process Intelligence.

You are by default the owner of investigations that you create or duplicate. The owner of an investigation is displayed in the investigation list and inside of an investigation at the top right.

You have the following options:

Icon Sharing option Description

Only the owner can view and edit the investigation. This is the default state.

This setting is useful to hide drafts from the navigation.

Anyone can view Any user can view the investigation, but only the owner can edit it.
Anyone can edit Any user can view and edit the investigation.

The manager of the process can always see and edit the investigations.

To share an investigation, follow these steps:

  1. Open your process.

    The investigation overview opens.

  2. To set the sharing option, click for your investigation.

  3. Select the sharing option.

    The investigation is shared according to your setting.

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