Lead-to-Quote in Salesforce Sales Cloud

Description This business process accelerator tracks the opportunity management process on Salesforce Sales Cloud. It captures events related to the Lead, Opportunity, and Quotes business objects. The case ID for this template is primarily the Opportunity ID, but in case it does not exist, then the Lead ID is the Case ID.
System Salesforce Sales Cloud
Process Lead-to-Quote
Use cases
  • Streamline sales funnel

  • Conversion rate increase

  • Working capital optimization

Industry all
Status available for existing customers
Sizing information

Identify the number of entries in the following tables:

  • Opportunity, filter by:

    • LASTMODIFIEDDATE >= 'dd-mm-yyyy'

  • Lead, filter by:

    • LASTMODIFIEDDATE >= 'dd-mm-yyyy'

  • Quote, filter by:

    • LASTMODIFIEDDATE >= 'dd-mm-yyyy'