Set the merge strategy for data uploads

If a process already has data and you want to upload more or new data, you need to specify how new and existing data are processed. This is done with the merge strategy.

The merge strategy applies only to event logs. For the upload of case attribute logs, the following applies:

  • The merge strategy doesn't affect the upload of case attribute logs.

  • When you upload a new case attribute log, data is added to the existing data.

  • When you upload additional case attribute logs, data is replaced for existing case IDs.

To set the merge strategy, follow these steps:

  1. Select the process on the All processes overview and click Process settings.

    The settings page opens.

  2. Under Process views, click Merge strategy and choose one of the following options:


    Incoming event data overwrite the existing event data.

    Update and Append

    Existing events that match with an incoming event on case ID, event name, and timestamp are replaced.

    Incoming events without a match are appended.


    Default option

    All incoming event data are appended to the existing event data.

    This can result in duplicate events.

    Overwrite and Delete

    This option is only available on request. To get the option, please contact our SAP Signavio service experts on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

    Incoming event data overwrite the existing event data and delete attributes that no longer exist.

    The following applies:

    • If process views use attributes that don't exist in a newer version of the data, the upload fails. To resolve, remove the attribute from the process view and upload again. Read how to edit process views in section Define access to process data with process views.

    • If widgets use attributes that no longer exist after a data upload, these widgets need to be reconfigured.

  3. Confirm with Save.

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