The SIGNAL code editor

This section describes the features of the SIGNAL code editor.

You work in the SIGNAL code editor when configuring the following:

  • metrics

  • widgets

  • advanced filters on dashboards


Autocompletion helps you to quickly write SIGNAL queries while minimizing typing and syntax errors.

The autocomplete support is location-specific. For example, if your cursor is in the SELECT area of the query, suggestions include attributes and metrics. In other areas of the query, autocompletion provides support for query operators, functions, and expressions.

  • To trigger autocompletion, press Ctrl + Space for Windows or control + Space for Mac. This opens a list and you can select a completion. The list of items is filtered and narrowed down as you type.

On a Mac, if the shortcut doesn't work, this combination of keystrokes is probably mapped to some other function. Check and change the mapping under System Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Navigation > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Color scheme

The color scheme for code simplifies reading and writing queries.

The different pieces of code are colored as follows:

  • keywords are pink, for example, SELECT, GROUP BY, and FROM

  • functions are yellow, for example, COUNT, MAX, and FLATTEN

  • identifiers are green, for example, attributes and table names

  • comments are orange

Colored SIGNAL code example:

Error linting

The SIGNAL code editor provides a linter that parses the code to detect errors. Each error in a row is indicated by a wavy underscore. If available, additional information is displayed when you hover the error.

Error linting example:

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