This widget displays data in a scatter plot. A scatter plot is a graphical representation of two numerical variables plotted along two axes. This graph can be good when you want to identify or show the relationship between two variables.

This graph displays the correlation between the number of ordered items and the order size. The grouping by countries reveals that Norway has bigger and more valuable orders than the other countries.

Add and configure the widget

Follow these steps:

  1. In your investigation or dashboard, click Add widget and select a widget.

    The widget configuration dialog opens. You define which data to display on the left, and preview this data on the right.

  2. Define the following:

    Option Mandatory Description
    Name no

    The name is displayed as the widget title.

    If you don't provide a name while configuring this widget, a name is set for you. In this case, the widget type is used as the name.

    Description no

    The description is displayed as info text when users click in the widget.

    Widget type yes

    Choose an option:

    • Attribute

    • SIGNAL code

    Depending on the widget type, further configuration options can be available.

  3. Depending on the chosen widget type, continue with one of the following:

  4. To understand better how the variables are related, you can display the regression line.

    For a grouped query result, the widget provides a regression line specific to each group.

    Read more:

  5. To preview the result of your data selection, use the following options in the preview area on the right:

    • Preview - Display the chart or diagram with the data that's retrieved

    • Data view - Display the query result as a table

    • SIGNAL view - Display the SIGNAL query

    • Attributes - Display the available case and event attributes

    It depends on the configuration type which preview option is available. For example, attributes can only be displayed here when the widget is configured with SIGNAL queries.

  6. Click Save.

    The widget is added.

Configure with attributes

Configure the following:

Option Mandatory Description
X-axis yes

Set the statistical characteristic for the X-axis, for example a case attribute.

Y-axis yes

Set the statistical characteristic for the Y-axis, for example a case attribute.

Group by yes Choose how to group the data, for example by case attributes.

Configure with a SIGNAL query

Insert the SIGNAL query.

Read about the SIGNAL editor functions like autocompletion, color scheme, and error linting in section The SIGNAL code editor.

What you can do in the widget

Show or hide data groups

For data that's grouped several times, you can show or hide the groups in the widget. To do so, click the groups in the chart legend.

Next steps

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