Variant Explorer

Like the Process Conformance widget, this widget displays the paths of process variants. Unlike the Process Conformance widget, you can display one or several variants at a time.

Choose this widget in the following cases:

  • If you want to analyze whether activities conform with the BPMN process.

  • If you want to export a BPMN process based on selected variants.

The variant paths are displayed on the left. You explore the different variants with the options in the panel on the right.

Add and configure the widget

Follow these steps:

  1. In your investigation, click Add widget and select a widget.

    The widget configuration dialog opens. There's no preview for this widget.

  2. Define the following:

    Option Mandatory Description
    Name no

    The name is displayed as the widget title.

    If you don't provide a name while configuring this widget, a name is set for you. In this case, the widget type is used as the name.

    Description no

    The description is displayed as info text when users click in the widget.

    Conformance yes

    Specify whether the conformance of activities is displayed.

    Without conformance is the default setting.

    Read more in section Display conformance of activities.

  3. Click Save.

    The widget is added.

What you can do in the widget

Display conformance of activities

You decide during widget creation whether to display the conformity of activities. If yes, all activities are color-coded according to their conformance as follows:

  • turquoise: conforming activities

  • lilac: non-conforming activities

The following applies:

  • If no BPMN process is linked to the investigation and conformance is enabled, all activities are marked as non-conforming. Read how to link a BPMN process in section Create an investigation.

  • Conformance isn't supported for widgets on dashboards. In widgets on dashboards, all activities are marked as non-conforming.

Display occurrences and cycle times

You can display occurrences and cycle times in the process flow. The following options are available:

  • Process flow without occurrences or cycle time

  • Occurrences

  • Cycle time

The thickness of the paths within the process flow indicate the amount of cases.

Explore the variants

You can explore the variants with the following options:

  • Choose the value to display for each variant:

    • Number of cases

    • Select an attribute from the drop-down list.

    • Select a metric from the drop-down list.

      Only metrics of the aggregation type over cases are available here. Read more in section Where to use metrics.

  • Change the sort order with and in the column header

  • Switch between total numbers and percentages with and

  • View the path of one or more variants by selecting or deselecting the variants in the panel on the right

  • View the amount of cases and the duration by clicking an activity or a line between activities

Export variants as a BPMN model

Follow these steps:

  1. Select one or more variants in the panel on the right.

  2. Click Generate BPMN.

    The SAP Signavio Process Manager editor opens with the process model of the variant.

  3. You can name the process model, apply changes if required, and save the process model.

    Read more in section Move and change elements.

Apply a variant filter

A variant filter narrows down data to the activities of one or more process variants.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select one or more variants and click .

  2. If your widget is on a dashboard, click Apply selection as filter to current dashboard.

    The filter applies to the dashboard. If the dashboard has pages, the filter applies to all pages.

  3. If your widget is on an investigation, click Apply selected variants as chapter filter.

    The filter applies to the chapter with the widget. If no chapter exists, the filter applies to the investigation.

This filter option is available in addition to the filter function in the widget menu, read more in section Filter process data.

Zoom in and out the process model

You have the following options:

Zoom in
Zoom out
Zoom to fit the process model to the widget size

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