Responsibility assignment according to RACI

The responsibility assignment matrix RACI is used to represent responsibilities for activities.

RACI is an acronym for the key responsibilities:

  • R for responsible: performs the activity

  • A for accountable: approves the activity

  • C for consulted: is consulted for the activity

  • I for informed: is informed about the activity

Responsibilities can be assigned to diagram elements.

Assign responsibilities in a diagram

For BPMN diagrams, there are different ways to assign responsibilities:

  • You can use lanes or the element Additional participant.

  • You can assign custom attributes to tasks.

Assign responsibilities with lanes and additional participants

Add a lane to set all activities in this lane as responsible (R) in the RACI matrix. It's not possible to assign additional RACI responsibilities to a lane element.

The element Additional participant can be linked to an activity with the connector Association (undirected). The connector has the attribute Responsibilities to assign responsibilities.

  1. Add an Additional participant element to your diagram.

  2. Connect the Additional participant and the Task with an Association (undirected) connector.

  3. In the Attributes panel, assign one of the four RACI Responsibilities to the connector.

    The responsibility is displayed as the connector label in the diagram and listed for the activity when you export a RACI matrix.

Assign responsibilities to tasks as custom attributes

To assign responsibilities to tasks, custom attributes for RACI need to be available in your workspace. Custom attributes can be defined by your workspace administrator.

  1. Select a task in the diagram.

  2. Open the attribute panel.

  3. In the section Custom Attributes, click the responsibility you want to add.

  4. Click the icon.

  5. Enter a role. Available dictionary entries are suggested as you type.

  6. Select the role from the list. The role is added to the attribute.

    You can add multiple roles for one responsibility. Roles that are already assigned are displayed below the text field.

  7. Click Save.

    In the diagram, there is no visible change.

    When you export a RACI matrix, the assigned responsibilities are listed.

To preview the dictionary entry for a responsible role, click the role.

To open the dictionary entry, click the icon and click Open.

To remove a role, click the icon and click Remove.

Export a RACI matrix

The RACI matrix lists the 4 RACI assignments and an additional responsibility where no RACI category was used:

  • R - Responsible

  • A - Accountable

  • C - Consulted

  • I - Informed

  • X- Participates

To export a RACI matrix for one or multiple diagrams, follow these steps:

  1. Select Reporting>Responsibility assignment matrix / RACI (XLS).

  2. In the dialog, select the diagrams.

    When you select multiple diagrams, one matrix including all diagrams is generated.

    When a diagram has no responsibilities assigned, the matrix remains empty.

  3. Click Start analysis.

    An XLS file is generated.