In SAP Signavio Process Manager, there are several ways to enable collaborators to contribute to your business process and business decision landscape.

Fellow modelers in your workspace can by default edit and comment on all diagrams in the workspace's Shared documents folder. You can also invite modelers to edit to call attention to a diagram. They can also preview diagrams in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub which also provides a reader-friendly diagram presentation, with its full screen view and detailed documentation.

Stakeholders who do not have access to your workspace can be invited to comment on diagrams. The modeler needs to send an invitation from the Explorer's Share menu to grant access. For external persons, the link acts as a key to SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub where unregistered stakeholders can see and comment on diagrams. The stakeholders click a link they receive by email that allows them to see and comment on diagrams.

Exporting diagrams and sharing, saving or printing them is another collaborative option for modelers. This way, diagrams can be transferred between SAP Signavio workspaces (SGX) and SAP Signavio and other modeling softwares (BPMN 2.0 conform XML), saved locally, and sent by email (PDF, SVG or PNG) or printed out.