Create a diagram

In Process Manager, new diagram files are created in the explorer. You edit diagrams in the editor.

To create a new diagram, click New in the explorer and select a modeling notation from the drop-down list. The editor opens with a blank canvas.

Editor overview

In the editor, you design, edit and format diagrams. You can also perform checks on your diagrams. This overview can help you find the functions you need.


Shape repository

Contains all modeling elements available for a notation, read more in section Add elements from the shape repository



The area on which you design and edit diagrams, read more in section Move and change elements



Reuse modeling elements, read more in section Working with the Dictionary



The tools to edit and format diagrams, you find a detailed description of the tool bar in the section Editor toolbar and keyboard shortcuts



Invite users to comment on the diagram, read more in section Inviting users to access a diagram in Collaboration Hub


User menu

Here you can change the editing mode, open the other Signavio products and log out



Edit attributes of your modeling elements, read more in section Edit attributes



Create and edit views, read more in section Create views

User menu

The user menu has several sections.

The options in the section Editing mode depend on the current notation. For example, for BPMN diagrams you have the following choices:

  • QuickModel

  • Graphical Editor

  • Simulation

  • Diagram comparison

If you have access to other products of the Business Transformation Suite, you find them in theProductssection. When you click a product name, the selected product opens in a new tab.

In the Helpsection, you find the link to the user guide. You can also send us feedback or contact Signavio Support.

You can log out of Process Manager by clicking Logout.