Process cost analysis report

Access to this feature depends on your license.

Process cost analysis reports displays the computed costs that occur in a process. The report displays the costs, tasks, and cost centers in a table.

This section explains how to generate the Process cost analysis report.

  1. Open the explorer and click Reporting > Process cost analysis.

    The Process cost analysis dialog opens.

  2. Select one or multiple diagrams to include in the report.

  3. You can select the following options:

    • Use merged cells in output spreadsheet

    • Export file as XLS (Excel 97)

  4. Click Next.

    The Quantitative analysis dialog opens.

  5. Select the report mode. The following report modes are available:

    • Process cost analysis: Calculates the process costs (€ per cost center) based on the execution frequency and costs per activity. You can also select the Use resource consumption attributes for the calculation (if provided) option.

    • Resource consumption analysis: Calculates the resource consumption (hours per resource) based on the execution frequency and execution time per activity. Read the Resource consumption analysis report for more information.

    For the purpose of these steps the Process cost analysis mode is selected.

  6. Select the Include subprocesses in calculation option if required.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Specify the resource costs. This dialog only appears if you selected the Use resource consumption attributes for the calculation (if provided) option.

  9. Click Start Calculation.

    If there are structural or logical mistakes in the diagrams, the system informs you. If errors occur, the program asks you to go back to check the diagram in the editor. Click Open diagramto open the diagrams in the editor to correct any logical mistakes, structural mistakes, and errors.

  10. If there are no errors, the Resource consumption analysis report generates. Click Please click here to open the Excel file to download the report. The file is saved to your browser's download folder.

    This Excel file contains the analysis. The values are based on functions, so changing one value may change the values in other fields accordingly.

    If multiple diagrams were included in the report, each diagram will have its own tab in the Excel file.