Decision Model and Notation (DMN)

Access to this feature depends on your license.

SAP Signavio Process Manager only supports DMN version 1.2.

DMN version 1.2 introduced the diagram element decision service to the specification. This element is not supported.

You find the specification at

With DMN, you can describe and model frequently made decisions of an organization, which answer the following questions:

  • Which information is required for a decision?

  • Are there any preceding decisions?

  • Are there external or internal guidelines?

  • What are the dependencies?

DMN is not suitable for modeling strategic decisions.

The notation is designed to be readable by all types of business users in order to ease collaboration for all stakeholders.

DMN and BPMN diagrams can be linked so that processes can be viewed separately from decisions, with the advantage that the process is streamlined and the decision is traceable.

DMN consists of the decision requirements diagram and the decision table.

The decision requirements diagram is the graphical representation of the decision rule. For example, the diagram below describes what information and decisions are needed to screen an applicant and decide whether to hire or not.

From the decision table, the appropriate decision is read for each supplied input. For example, in the table below it is defined whether or not an applicant must have specific technical knowledge, be fluent in certain foreign languages, and must have gained experience abroad.

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