DMN simulation

The decision management extension of SAP Signavio Process Manager allows you to model, manage and better understand complex business decisions. In the DMN simulation tool, you can simulate business decisions by applying data to the rules that are defined in a decision diagram. The simulation tool helps you to understand dependencies between sub-decisions and to identify scenarios for which no rules have been established.

The DMN Simulation is also available as an additional feature in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub.

To open the DMN simulation tool, select the diagram in the explorer and click Edit - Simulate DMN diagram.

Alternatively, you can open the diagram in the editor and use the drop-down menu in the upper right corner to switch from the Graphical Editor to the Simulation tool:

Now, you can start using the simulation tool.

Simulate business decisions.

Select a decision in the diagram, either by clicking on it or by using the dropdown menu in the top right corner. Then, scroll to the Inputs section and fill in the data of your simulation scenario. The Outputs section shows the decision output as computed by the simulation tool. The Wildcard mode toggle affects the evaluation semantics. Wildcard mode turned on means that empty input values are replaced with wildcards, which will, for example, match all conditions in decision tables. When turned off, empty input values will remain undefined during evaluation.

If the Wildcard mode is activated and one or multiple input parameters are not defined, the simulation tool will determine the set of possible output values. This is helpful, for example, if in specific application scenarios some input values remain unknown.

The progress bars in the decision elements indicates the extent to which data inputs are defined so far. When scrolling down, you can see a decision table overview that highlights the rules that apply in the current scenario:

The rules that apply to the provided input data are highlighted in green.