Explorer overview

The explorer is the entry and management point of SAP Signavio Process Manager. In the explorer you can manage folders and diagrams, create new diagrams, export diagrams, generate reports, as well as publish and embed diagrams. You can also edit your profile settings and manage the administrative aspects of your workspace. You can access the editor, SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub and other functions in the software via the explorer.

From the explorer view you have access to all tools that SAP Signavio Process Manager offers.

The explorer is structured as follows:

  • View
    The central area displays the file contents of the selected folder.
    Double-click diagrams in the editor to open them. Unread diagram comments are displayed as small speech bubbles attached to the corresponding files. You can switch between the views, The icon view or The list view. At the bottom of the central view is the activity feed and the diagram preview.
  • Menu

    The toolbar with a drop-down menu allows you to access different functions. Read more in the section The Explorer menu.

  • Search function

    The search function is a useful tool to quickly find diagrams. In addition to the full text search, the advanced search option offers you a method to add specific search criteria. You can find a detailed description in the Search section.

  • Folder tree

    The folder tree on the left allows you to quickly navigate within your workspace. Read more at Working with folders and diagrams.

  • Diagram details

    The notification and activity feed allows you to view and manage the history of a diagram and to modify notification settings of diagrams and folders. By pressing the space bar you can open the preview panel (see Viewing diagram details) and the version overview (see The notification and activity feed) of a diagram at the bottom.

  • Personal profile

    You can customize the explorer by adjusting your Personal profile settings according to your needs.