Translate content with PO files

Access to this feature depends on your license.

You can translate user-created content into all languages that are activated in your workspace.

You can do this directly, as described in section Translating diagrams. You can also export the content to be translated outside of SAP Signavio Process Manager.

The following content can be exported for translating:

  • regular and custom attributes of the following types:
    • single line text
    • multi line text
  • diagram elements
  • linked dictionary entries
  • diagram names
  • folder names

Not included in the export:

  • names of multi-language custom attributes (their values are included)
  • text formatting (the text itself is exported)
  • nested links

You export the content and send it to translators. To make the translation available in your workspace, you import the translated files.

Exported files

The files are exported as a ZIP archive.

The ZIP archive contains the following files:

Type Number Content Created Action
CSV 1 The file summary.csv lists all exported items. Always No action necessary
POT 1 The file template.pot contains all translatable strings and their location in the content. It does not contain any translations. Always

This file can be used as a source file for all languages.

  • Use this file for languages for which no PO file is created.

  • For the import, save every language as a separate PO file.

PO 1 per language


The content of a PO file is language-specific.

Each PO file contains the translatable strings and the translations already available for the language.

Is created for a language if

  • translations are already available


  • the export includes attributes with default values

A PO file can be used as a translation source for the language specified.

Ensure that the original file names and the folder structure are maintained during translation.

Export content for translation

You can export up to 100 diagrams.

Follow these steps:

  1. In the explorer, open Import/Export > Export Diagram Translations.

  2. Select the diagrams and folders to be translated.

  3. To include linked dictionary entries, enable Include directly linked Dictionary items.

  4. Click Export

    The selected content is downloaded as a ZIP archive. The file is saved to your browser's download folder.

Import translated content

  • Existing translations are overwritten by a new import.

  • A maximum of 100 diagrams can be updated in one import. If more that 100 diagrams would be affected, the import fails. In that case, split the PO files into several smaller files.

Once the PO files are translated, you can import them to SAP Signavio Process Manager.

Follow these steps:

  1. In the explorer, open Import/Export > Import Diagram Translations.
  2. Click Choose file.
  3. In the dialog, select one translated PO file per language and click Import.
    The PO files are uploaded. The content is available for all languages that are activated for the workspace.

For each language, you can upload one translated PO file at a time. If you have more than one file for a language, repeat the import.

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