Risk & controls report

Access to this feature depends on your license.

With SAP Signavio Process Manager's integrated risk management feature, you have the ability to define risks and controls directly at any step of a process within the process model. These risks and controls can be defined and then associated with the corresponding activities.

You can use the Risk & controls report to view an overview of potential risks and related controls. This report summarizes all information about the risks and controls in the selected process models.

The section explains how to generate the Risk & controls report.

  1. Open the explorer and click Reporting > Risk & controls report.

    The Risk & controls report dialog opens.

  2. Select one or multiple diagrams to include in the report.

  3. You select the following options:

    • Use merged cells in output spreadsheet

    • Export file as XLS (Excel97)

  4. Expand the Show additional attributes in the report option. The following attribute options are available:

    • Documentation

    • Process target

    • Process maturity level

    • Process owner

    • IOS9000ff relevant

    • Responsible

    It isn't possible to include table attributes. You can't select risk management attributes on diagram level as the report includes them by default.

  5. Click Start analysis.

  6. The Risk & controls report generates. The file is saved to your browser's download folder.