Merging dictionary entries

The dictionary allows you to keep all the terms that are often used in your diagrams in one easy-to-reference place. However, over time the use of terms can change, entries with a similar meaning but different description might be added, and extraneous copies of existing entries might be created when many modelers work together. Duplication can also happen when importing Signavio archive (SGX) files, because entries from these files will automatically be added to the dictionary. Regardless of the source, merging dictionary entries will help you keeping the dictionary in good condition.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the dictionary and choose the category the entries can be found in.

  2. Choose the first dictionary entry you want to merge. You can select multiple entries at once.

  3. Click Merge Dictionary Entries.

  4. Enter the name of the second dictionary entry into the field Add Dictionary Entry. Use the auto-completion here. You can merge as many entries as you want using this method.

  5. Choose the elements to be added to the resulting entry. Attached documents, linked dictionary items, and links are added to the target entry automatically.

  6. Click Merge and confirm the warning.

    The entries are merged. The resulting entry will be displayed, and can now be edited.