Open and save diagrams

In SAP Signavio Process Manager, you open diagrams in the explorer. You're editing diagrams in the editor.

Open a diagram

  1. Open the explorer and navigate to the diagram.

  2. Double-click the diagram. Alternatively, select the diagram and click Edit > Edit diagram in the explorer menu.

    The diagram is opened in the editor in a new browser tab.

Save a diagram

While you keep the editor browser tab open, your changes are saved automatically in the background. When you save the diagram, you create a new diagram revision.

All items related to a diagram by links are listed when you save a diagram.

To save a diagram, follow these steps:

  1. Click in the toolbar.

  2. When you save a diagram for the first time, enter a descriptive name and select the directory for saving the diagram.

    You can edit the diagram name later.

  3. Add a comment about your current changes.

    Adding comment helps other modelers and collaborators to understand and track your changes. Your comments are shown in the in the feed in the explorer.

  4. Depending on the modeling notation, you can open the modeling convention checks by clicking . This closes the Save dialog.

    You can save the diagram with errors and warnings.

  5. Click Save.

    A new revision of the diagram is saved.

Restore older revisions of a diagram

You can restore a previous revision of a diagram in the activity feed.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select a diagram.

  2. Click Expand in the bottom panel of the explorer. Alternately, you can press the space bar.
    The panel expands, showing a preview of the diagram.

  3. To access previous revisions, click Feed. The activity feed is displayed.

  4. Select the revision you want to restore and click Restore revision.

  5. Add a comment and confirm in the dialog.

    The previous revision is restored.

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