Modeling with QuickModel

This section describes all options for this function. Which options are available depends on your license.

QuickModel makes capturing BPMN processes very fast. With QuickModel, you enter information about a process into a table. A process diagram is dynamically generated from this table.

QuickModel is only available for BPMN processes.

Use QuickModel in the following cases:

  • to create BPMN diagrams even if you are unfamiliar with the modeling conventions

  • to speed up diagram creation for complex processes by modeling the main path first

  • to see at a glance if information is missing in an existing BPMN diagram and to add it with low effort

With QuickModel you can do the following:

  • model one sequence of tasks including the start and end events

  • specify the organizational unit for the pool and assign participants to tasks in lanes

  • specify main attributes for tasks, for example IT systems and data artifacts, as well as custom attributes

Additional BPMN elements, such as decisions and parallel sequences, can be added later in the graphical editor.