Modeling with QuickModel

QuickModel allows fast process capturing and completion. It supports a table based modeling approach where you can add information by filling a table. The graphical diagram representation will automatically be created by the system, which enables you to fully concentrate on the diagram information.

QuickModel can help you with your work on diagrams in many areas:

  • You can create diagrams even if you are unfamiliar with modeling conventions. With QuickModel, you create diagrams by adding information to a table instead of adding elements to a diagram, with no special knowledge of the modeling language being required. The resulting diagram will be BPMN 2.0 compliant.
  • You can edit diagram information even faster while the system does the graphical modeling. You can implicitly edit the graphical representation by changing the workflow order, and modeling actions like rearranging the diagram are then executed by the application.
  • Diagram information is displayed in a table structure and process information can be added faster than in the graphical editor.

Open QuickModel

From Collaboration Hub, users with a Hub license can open QuickModel from the diagram actions.

  • Click and select Edit with QuickModel.

For details, see section Actions in the user guide for Collaboration Hub.

In the Process Manager explorer, select New > QuickModel to start modeling in QuickModel.

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