Configure SAP Solution Manager

To prepare SAP Solution Manager for the integration with Process Manager, first configure your systems to allow communication with Process Manager and then set up the solution you want to integrate.

Network & firewall requirements

Ensure your security settings allow incoming requests from Process Manager to your SAP Solution Manager server (to the URL/port you need to specify later). The IP address of the SAP Solution Manager integration service is (after August 1st, 2021:,, or for .

For (US server) or (Australian server) we cannot guarantee a static IP, so we strongly recommend to set up two-way SSL authentication. For details, see section Configure Process Manager.

Shield your SAP Solution Manager server

You can optionally use a reverse proxy to shield your SAP Solution Manager server. The following diagram shows communication between Process Manager and Solution Manager:

Process Manager to Solution Manager communication

The specific Solution Manager API endpoints we use for this integration are documented by SAP here.

If you want to set up a reverse-proxy, you find all the necessary information in the linked SAP documentation. The protocol being used to access this API is always HTTPS. Signavio never tries to establish a connection using unsecured HTTP requests.

Basic administration

Activate Process Management in SAP Solution Manager as described in the SAP Solution Administration documentation .

Ensure that in the list of gateway services for Process Management, the following services are activated:AGS_GBC_ODATA_BPMN_SRV (Graphical Component BPMN Gateway Service)AGS_GBC_ODATA_GOM_SRV (GBC GOM Gateway Service)PROCESSMANAGEMENT (SAP Solution Manager APIs for third party tool integration)

Solution administration

SAP recommends that you use exactly one solution for the production scope of your SAP Solution Manager.

To set up the solution you want to integrate, follow these steps:

  1. Open theSolution Administration, either through the GUI or by executing the transactionsoladm.
  2. Create a new solution or select an existing one.
Creating a new solution
Creating a new solution
  1. Select the branch you want to use for the integration.
  2. Leave the browser tab open or document the names of the Solution and Branch. You'll need them when configuring the integration on the Process Manager side.

You'll also need the SAP solution administration later for Configure attribute mappings .

Next steps

Configure Process Manager