Copy processes from Solution Manager 7.2

You can copy processes (for example SAP Best Practice Process Models), including folder structures, from SAP Solution Manager to Process Manager.

While executable transactions and process steps are imported regularly, processes are usually copied only once.

SAP Best Practice Process Models are provided by SAP as templates for best practices processes, the copied process models can then be customized in Process Manager.

Current limitations

At the moment, the following limitations apply to copying processes from SAP Solution Manager:

  • If processes are available in multiple languages in SAP Solution Manager, only the default language is copied.
  • Linked previous or following processes are copied, but links to these processes aren't shown inProcess Manager.

Process structure on the SAP side

In SAP Solution Manger, unlike Process Manager, there is a distinction between process definitions and visual process diagrams.

A structure that contains process definitions is called a scenario. A process definition can contain a list of Process Steps. Process Steps are stored in the Process Step Library. This list of Process Steps can be used to create visual process diagrams. The same process definition can be represented as several, equally valid visual process diagrams. This means a process definition can include one or multiple visual process diagrams.

You can also create visual process models with draft Process Steps not stored in the Process Step Library. In this case, the process definition doesn't contain a list of Process Steps and is represented as visual diagrams only.

Visual process models can contain links to sub-processes.

Mapping of the SAP process structure to the Process Manager process structure

A scenario is copied as a folder. Only process definitions and the list of Process Steps are copied. Visual process diagrams are currently not copied.

If Process Steps were previously imported into the dictionary, imported BPMN tasks are linked to Process Steps. For more information about the dictionary import, see section Import Solution Manager content to the dictionary.

Custom attributes are copied if they are configured in the mapping, for details see section Configure attribute mappings.

Trigger a new copy from SAP Solution Manager

When you trigger a new copy, a new folder is created, with new copies of the diagrams and folder structure. Existing copies aren't overwritten.

  1. In the Process Manager Explorer, select Setup - Manage SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

  2. Switch to the Processes tab.

  3. Click Copy processes and folders. Copying starts. The copy procedure can take a while, depending on the number of copied processes.

    When the copy procedure has finished, you get a notification how many processes were copied.

    A new folder is created automatically, with the naming pattern Solution-Branch-timestamp .