What kind of SAP Signavio user am I

The following sections explain the different user types of SAP Signavio Process Manager. If you already know in what way you would like to use the software, you can select the topic that is relevant for you.

I am a business process (BPMN) modeler

Learn how to collaboratively model business processes in BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) or EPC (Event-driven Process Chains) with SAP Signavio Process Manager. In addition to BPMN and EPC, we support all popular open modeling languages for business users.

In section Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN), you learn how to create, edit, and work with BPMN diagrams.

I am a business decision modeler

Use the Decision Manager to model business decisions in a structured and formalized manner all stakeholders can easily understand using the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) . Integrate your DMN diagrams seamlessly into your BPMN process landscape.

In the section Decision Model and Notation (DMN), you learn about creating, editing and managing decision diagrams.

I am an enterprise architecture modeler

Use the ArchiMate Edition to create a visual, business domain-crossing description of your enterprise architecture. Employ ArchiMate together with your BPMN process landscape.

In the section ArchiMate, you learn about creating and editing Enterprise Architecture diagrams.

I'd like to create a process diagram, but don't know BPMN very well

Learn how to use the QuickModel to create valid BPMN processes through a spreadsheet-like interface. Create your first processes in just a couple of minutes or add and maintain element attributes in a fast and well-structured manner.

In the section Modeling with QuickModel, you learn how to use the application to quickly create BPMN diagrams.

I am a SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub user

Get to know SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub: view process diagrams and discuss them with your colleagues.

In the section Your launchpad, you learn how to use the tool to work on diagrams together with colleagues and external stakeholders.

I want to review and approve diagrams before they are released

Make use of a Approval Workflows to ensure that diagrams have been approved by specific users or user groups before they are published in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub.

In the section Working with approval workflows , you learn how to start and work with approval workflows.

I am a workspace administrator

Learn how to configure your workspace in order to get the most out of SAP Signavio Process Manager and to maximize the benefit considering the unique needs of your organization.

Moreover, learn how to integrate SAP Signavio products into your organization's IT infrastructure and enable smooth and hassle-free process, business decision and enterprise architecture documentation, utilizing your existing IT systems to the fullest extent.

As a workspace administrator, you will find information about configuring the software in the Workspace administration section of the manual.