Define default colors and font formats for element types

You can define custom default shape and font formats for element types. These formatting attributes are defined for all notation subsets. For example, if you change the background color of the Task element, the system changes all BPMN subsets accordingly. You can still overwrite these settings when formatting an element in the editor as described in the chapter Format elements and labels .

The following default formatting options are available:

Font size Default : 12
Font bold Default : False
Font italic Default : False
Font color Default : #000000 (black)
Background color Default : #ffffcc (yellow)
Border color Default : #000000 (black)
Solid color (no gradient) Default : False

You can change the default format settings in the Modeling Languages tab of the notations/attributes configuration dialog:

  1. Switch to the Default Formats tab and select an element type. In our example, we want to highlight the labels of all collapsed subprocesses of your BPMN diagrams in pink by default:
  2. Select the setting you want to adjust and click Edit or double click the setting - in our case Font color :
  3. Adjust the settings accordingly. Here, we use the drop-down menu to select the color of our choice or insert the respective hexadecimal value:
  4. Click Apply to save the changes. All existing elements of the corresponding type in the diagrams of your workspace will now be adjusted. SAP Signavio Process Manager will use the changed format for new diagrams as well.

When opening a diagram containing one or more corresponding elements, an information dialog informs you that the elements have been changed:

If you want to revert the changes, press Ctrl + Z or click Undo.

Next steps

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