Configuring Collaboration Hub

This section describes the configuration of the classic Collaboration Hub. To configure the new Collaboration Hub, read more in section Collaboration Hub Settings .

You can adjust the appearance of Collaboration Hub according to your corporate identity and choose between several layout and display options.

General configuration

You can change the configuration of Collaboration Hub by clicking Setup - Edit Collaboration Hub configuration in the Signavio Explorer.

The following configuration options are available:

Welcome header

Here, you can configure the text that is displayed as the headline of the Collaboration Hub's 'Home' page. If no text is configured, Welcome to Collaboration Hub is displayed instead. You can configure a text for each language you activated in your workspace settings.

Entry Point

Whenever a user accesses the general Collaboration Hub URL, the diagram you set here will be displayed. If you activated the Homepage, this diagram will be displayed there. We recommend to reference a value chain diagram that represents your process landscape.

Select a diagram as entry point.

Choose a published diagram as entry point. If you choose an unpublished diagram, your colleagues will see either the Collaboration Hub home page or an error message, depending on if you have activated the home page or not.

Enable Collaboration Hub Homepage

If this box is activated, Collaboration Hub will display the Homepage as entry page. It shows an entry diagram (if specified), it also gives you the option to search for key words amongst the published diagrams and supplies information about recent changes in published diagrams. The text that is provided in the Description attribute of the entry diagram will be displayed next to the diagram on the entry page. If this attribute is undefined, a default Signavio text will be displayed.

The Searchpage provides you with the option to search for diagrams, files and dictionary entries. It also displays information such as the item's description and when it was last published. This page is only available if the Homepage is activated in the Collaboration Hub configuration dialog. If deactivated, a search panel is available in Collaboration Hub's navigation panel.

Show diagram path navigation

Select if you would like Collaboration Hub to display the breadcrumb panel/hierarchy path of a diagram for Hub users and in the Collaboration Hub preview.

If this option is activated but the diagram is not linked to a hierarchy, the diagram path will be displayed in the breadcrumb panel instead.


Choose whether you want to allow users of Collaboration Hub to see and/or leave comments.


Here you can choose which of the attribute visualization layers should be available in Collaboration Hub.

The settings are:

  • Visible by default

    The overlay is displayed when a user opens Collaboration Hub. Users can hide the overlay by deactivating it via a drop down menu.

  • Hidden by default

    The overlay is hidden when a user opens Collaboration Hub. Users can show the overlay by activating it via a drop down menu.

  • Always hidden

    The overlay is always hidden. Collaboration Hub users can't activate it.

Folder overview

Configure the default settings for the folder tree on the left of the Collaboration Hub:

By default, the folder tree at the left side of Collaboration Hub is expanded.

Dictionary information in the folder overview

Configure whether the dictionary should be accessible via the folder tree. The option Neither categories nor search results additionally prevents dictionary categories and items from showing up in the search results.

By default, the dictionary is visible in the folder tree.

Default language settings

You can set the application language for Collaboration Hub. If the setting is on Automatic , the program will adopt the language settings of your Signavio workspace or, if you are not signed in, your browser.



Select the color template. Besides the Signavio signature theme, there are several other color templates available:

You can use your own company logo instead of the Signavio logo in the top left of the Collaboration Hub window. The logo on the loading screen can also be adapted. To switch to your own logo, click the corresponding select file button, select the picture file in the corresponding menu and click OK.

Adapt the top-left logo.

Adapt the loading screen.

If you would like to reset the logo to the default Signavio design, click the reset button.

In both cases, make sure that the file is either in PNG, JPG or GIF format and is no larger than 500 KB.

Specify the URL that is opened when clicking the logo in Collaboration Hub:

Embedding mode

When activated, Collaboration Hub does not have a header and it's folder overview is collapsed, if it is embedded into an iframe (for example as part of a Microsoft SharePoint Web Part).


Layout configuration

In this menu, you can select the configuration of the tabs on the top right side in Collaboration Hub.

Multi-tab (diagram first)
The diagram image, attributes (the Overview tab) and activities are kept in separate tabs. By default, the Diagram tab is open.
Multi-tab (overview first)
The diagram image, attributes (the Overview tab) and activities are kept in separate tabs. By default, the Overview tab is open.
One pager
The diagram image, attributes and activities appear on the same page. The tab menu is no longer visible

Attribute visibility

If the check box Use custom configuration is activated, you can configure the attributes that should be displayed in Collaboration Hub. The default configuration is documented in the table below the select menus.

For customizing the view, proceed as follows:

  • Activate the check box Use custom configuration:

  • Select the notation you want to configure:

  • Choose whether you want to configure Diagram attributes or Element attributes:

  • For each attribute, configure whether it should be visible , visible if a value is assigned ( visible if set ) or invisible:

  • Configure the Visibility of linking/linked diagrams : If Use Custom Configuration is activated in Collaboration Hub configuration dialog, you can set the attribute(s) Linking Diagrams and Linked Diagrams visible to have all diagrams that are linked or linking to the diagram open in Collaboration Hub listed in the corresponding section. These linked attributes are defined on diagram level.

    You can switch to one of the linked diagrams from Collaboration Hub's overview tab by clicking its name. Any Collaboration Hub user navigate through the process levels by use of the diagram path (if activated), Process level pyramid and breadcrumb panel or linked subprocesses.

    All changes to the look and configuration of Collaboration Hub will be available for your colleagues after their next login.