Configuring general properties

You can configure the general settings for all modelers by opening the Explorer and clicking Setup - Edit general configuration :

Open the general configuration settings.



At portal_config you can access a detailed description of configuration of Collaboration Hub.

The configuration dialog is subdivided into four sections.

  • Explorer <explorer_config>
  • Editor <editor_config>
  • Help settings <help_config>
  • General settings <general_config>

Explorer settings

Configure the explorer settings.

Name of this workspace

Sets the name that shows up in the workspace selection for users who are members of multiple workspaces. By default, the name is the name of the organization you entered when registering the workspace, plus workspace owner's full name in parentheses.

Organization owning this workspace

Sets the name of your organization, which is displayed in diagrams you create with QuickModel and in most reports.

Enable private folder 'My documents' for every user

Enables the folder 'My documents' additionally to the folder 'Shared documents' for every user.


Defines the default currency used in the simulation tool and in different reports.

Automatic subscription

Lets you define whether and when commentators' email addresses should be added to an email subscription that informs them about changes in the corresponding documents.

Table columns

Defines what information the Explorer's list view is displaying. More detailed instructions are available under working with folders <using_folders> .

Editor settings

Configure the Editor settings.

Color palette

Enables you to customize the colors of the color palette that is accessible in the Editor. To adjust a color, overwrite one of the default hexadecimal values in the palette and press enter to see the color preview change.

Enforcing matching dictionary item types

By default, Signavio enforces mappings between BPMN elements and Dictionary category entries, as recommended by BPMN.

When the check box is enabled, the following BPMN element types only references Dictionary entries in the corresponding categories:

  • IT system elements reference entries in the IT Systems category
  • Data object elements reference entries in the Documents category
  • Task elements reference entries in the Activities category
  • Pool/Lane elements reference entries in the Organizational Units or IT Systems categories

This preselection keeps Dictionary entry references consistent and prevents an unsuitable usage of Dictionary entry references. However, this restriction can be disabled by clearing the Enforce matching dictionary item types check box.

Help settings

Configure the help settings.

Here, you can (de)activate a set of help options that show news and tips about our software and link to further information about Business Process and Business Decision Management.

By default, all options are activated. You can also define custom help options that can for example link to sites in your intranet. You can define these settings separately for the Explorer and Collaboration Hub.

General settings

Configure the general settings.

Enable the upload of documents/pictures

If this check box is activated, users can upload documents and pictures to the workspace.