Configuring language settings for all users

The Editor allows you to define the different languages that diagrams can be translated into. Whenever a diagram is created or edited, you can for example translate labels of modeling elements and element documentation to each language that is defined in the workspace. Users then have the option to choose the suitable language on their own.

Users of Collaboration Hub also have the possibility to switch between languages that are defined in the workspace. In the Software-as-a-Service version of Signavio Process Manager, this is only possible if the publishing module for Microsoft SharePoint is licensed in your workspace.

  1. Open the Explorer and click Setup , then Define languages .
  1. The configuration dialog opens.
The language settings section in the configuration dialog
  1. Choose the languages you want to add to your workspace from the drop-down list:
Select German (Germany) as a second language for the workspace.
  1. After choosing all languages required, you can now prioritize them via the move up link. The language on position 1 will be the default language of your workspace, that means it is used as the standard language for all diagrams that are created with those settings.
Change the language order for the workspace.
  1. After finishing all configurations, click Save :
Save the language settings.

Languages that are defined for a workspace can be removed. To remove a language from your workspace, go to Language settings in the configuration dialog and click Remove next to the language you want to remove:

Remove a language from the workspace.