Import an SAP Signavio archive (SGX) file

Access to this feature depends on your license.

With this feature you can import diagrams that were exported as SAP Signavio archive (SGX) to your workspace.

The following applies:

  • You can add dictionary entries to the dictionary or merge with existing entries. You can also import custom attributes and modeling language configurations.

  • You can only run one import at a time in a workspace. When trying to run an import, all users in a workspace with the necessary rights can see if an import is in progress.

  • There is a 500 MB import file size limit.

  • On the History tab of the import dialog, you can view the details of the last 50 imports, for example the import time, the import status, and which items imported successfully.

Import a SAP Signavio archive (SGX) file

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the explorer and click Import / Export > Import SAP Signavio archive (SGX).

    The Import Signavio archives (SGX) dialog opens.

  2. On the Import tab, click Choose File and select the archive you want to import.

  3. You can customize the import with the following options:

    Options Notes
    Import contained Files/Pictures If you disable this option, no linked documents and files are imported.
    Import dictionary entries  
    Overwrite existing dictionary entries with the same title  
    Import custom attributes and modeling language configurations This option is only available for administrators.
    Import custom graphics
    • This option is only available for administrators.

    • If you disable this option, default graphics are used in the diagrams.

  4. Click Import.

    The diagrams and folders imports into your workspace.

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