Workspace administration

Administrators manage workspace settings and user access. They also make sure that even with many users, the workspace remains well structured and clean.

The first user registering for a Signavio workspace is by default an administrator.

As administrators have extensive rights and can make profound changes to your Signavio workspace, we recommend IT-skilled users familiar with the Signavio software and BPMN should be in charge. It is important to communicate and document changes in workspace settings among your administrative team, so that all administrators are up to date and can give accurate responses to user queries.

The 'Setup' menu in a user account

The 'Setup' menu in an administrator's account in the Enterprise Edition

To add or remove administrator permissions, add or remove the user to or from the user group Administrators. You can follow the instructions in the section Manage users and groups.

An administrator has the following special privileges:

To get started as a Signavio workspace administrator, have a look at our tutorial Preparing your Process Manager workspace - overview. You find an overview of the most popular integration scenarios at System integration scenarios. A description of the Process Manager APIs is available at API access to the Process Manager. You can also refer to our Frequently asked questions.