Settings for SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

This section provides a quick overview about the necessary information to set up SAP Signavio Journey Modeler for your users.


To activate SAP Signavio Journey Modeler for your users, you need to assign SAP Signavio Journey Modeler licenses in the new user management. You can access the user management in two ways:

  • In the settings for SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub, click User Management.

  • In SAP Signavio Process Manager, go to Setup > Manage users &groups.

Details on user management can be found in section Manage users and groups.

Access rights to journey models

At the moment, journey models inherit the access rights of the folder in which they are stored. Read more about access rights to folders in section Manage access rights.

Layout and formatting

Elements of a journey model can have different colors. How to adjust the colors available in your workspace is described in section Editor settings.