About Licenses

Workspace administrators must assign a license to every user in a workspace.

Licenses are bound to a specific workspace, so the following rules apply:

  • Inviting new users doesn't create new workspaces.

  • Users having a license for another workspace can't access your workspace unless you assign a license of your workspace to the user.

  • If you remove a user from your workspace, the user's license assignments and access rights for other workspaces remain unchanged.

Licenses are also bound to the email addresses you specify when inviting new users. The new users can only use this email address to log in.

When you invite users via the user management, you select the license you want to assign. If you need more licenses, the user management dialog provides you with information for a license purchase on the tab New users.

License types

There are different types of user licenses for modeling users and Hub users.

Modeling users

Modeling users have the full functionality of your SAP Signavio Process Manager edition available, and additionally access to SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub. You find an overview of the features that are available per edition on the SAP Signavio website.

Hub users

The main application for Hub users is SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub. Hub users have access to a limited feature set in SAP Signavio Process Manager:

  • They can create folders, as well as create and edit BPMN diagrams in QuickModel.

  • They can use the diagram comparison tool, see section Compare revisions.

  • They can export diagrams as PNG, SVG, and PDF files, see Exporting.

  • They can create reports, see section Creating reports.

  • They have read access to the dictionary, see section The dictionary.

  • They can use the discussion and sharing features, see Your launchpad.

You can also use feature sets to add additional feature restrictions on Hub users.

This license type is by default available to new customers. If you registered your workspace before version 11.11.0 (January 2018), only SAP Signavio can provide this license type. Please contact our SAP Signavio service experts on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

Commenting License

SAP Signavio Process Manager users can invite external users, who do not have a license to the workspace, for feedback. Then, the external users automatically get a commenting license. They can only view the diagram for which they have received the invitation in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub and can view and add comments. As these external users also have to create a user account, you can manage them in the user management. Read more in section Manage users and groups.

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