Defining the entry point diagram

You can define an entry point diagram that is displayed when a user opens Collaboration Hub via a SharePoint site.

In case you configured Active Directory-based authentication, ensure the users have access to the entry point diagram.

  • If you want to configure one entry point diagram that is displayed in all SharePoint pages, you can set a general Collaboration Hub configuration property in your Signavio workspace, see Entry Point .
  • If you want to configure an entry point diagram for one specific SharePoint page you can set the corresponding property when configuring Signavio Collaboration Hub App for this site, see Configuring the SharePoint 2013/2016 App.

    This feature is supported by SharePoint 2013/2016 only.

For the new Collaboration Hub, it is possible to add deep links to different areas of your entry point diagram. For more information, please contact Signavio Support.