Updating to Workflow Accelerator 3.129

To update Workflow Accelerator from a version prior to 3.72, you must first update the system to version 3.72 before you can update to version 3.129. Download Signavio Workflow Accelerator 3.72 and follow the update notes (Updating to Workflow Accelerator 3.72) before you continue.

If you skip one or more versions of Workflow Accelerator for the update, also follow the update notes for all versions you are skipping.

For Process Manager integration

If you use Workflow Accelerator in combination with Process Manager, you must update Process Manager to version 13.15.

Updating Node.js

For this version of Workflow Accelerator, update to Node.js 12.x LTS

  1. Download the required Node.js LTS version
  2. Stop your Workflow Accelerator script engine - see section Stopping Workflow Accelerator.
  3. Uninstall your old Node.js version
  4. Install the new Node.js LTS version
  5. (Optional) Update your startup script / service for Workflow Accelerator script engine if the install directory for Node.js changed.
  • Windows : If you are using NSSM to run the service, open the command line cmd with administrative privileges, execute nssm edit script-engine and update the location of Node.js in the dialog.
  1. Start Workflow Accelerator script engine - see section Starting Workflow Accelerator.

New Mongo DB version supported

Workflow Accelerator 3.129 now supports MongoDB version 4.2.x which comes with improved performance and functionality.

Workflow Accelerator does not support MongoDB version 4.4.x.

Workflow Accelerator still supports MongoDB versions 3.4.x and 3.6.x . Therefore, an upgrade to MongoDB 4.2.x is not yet required.

Updating the configuration for Single Sign-On using Windows and Kerberos/SPNEGO

If you have configured SSO via Kerberos/SPNEGO for Workflow Accelerator, you need to update the configuration.

  1. Ensure Tomcat is stopped.
  2. Open $TOMCAT_HOME/lib.
  3. Remove the file signavio-cfc.jar
  4. Open $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/web.xml in a text editor.
  5. Locate and remove the following filter configuration:
  6. Locate the following filter mapping:
  7. Change the value of url-mapping to /api/v1/users/auth:

You don’t have to change configuration of the SpnegoHttpFilter .