Updating to Signavio Workflow Accelerator 3.85

For Signavio Process Manager integration

If you use Workflow Accelerator in combination with Signavio Process Manager, you must update Process Manager to version 12.12.

From this version on, it is necessary to set the sharedJwtSecret in both the Workflow Accelerator configuration file and the Process Manager configuration file. See Setup for details.

Data format of data sent from connectors

Version 3.85 introduces a validation for data retrieved via a custom data connector.

If you are using a custom data connector which stores records by value, verify that the data type and the data format provided by the connector matches the data specified by your connector descriptor (Read more about data types and formats). Data that does not match is no longer accepted. If the connector sends mismatching data, users are not able to select the relevant records from the drop-down list but will see an error message.

Updating Node.js

For this version of Workflow Accelerator, update to Node.js 10.x LTS

  1. Download the required Node.js LTS version
  2. Stop your Workflow Accelerator script engine - see section Stopping Signavio Workflow Accelerator .
  3. Uninstall your old Node.js version
  4. Install the new Node.js LTS version
  5. (Optional) Update your startup script / service for Workflow Accelerator script engine if the install directory for Node.js changed.
  • Windows : If you are using NSSM to run the service, open the command line cmd with administrative privileges, execute nssm edit script-engine and update the location of Node.js in the dialog.
  1. Start Workflow Accelerator script engine - see section Starting Signavio Workflow Accelerator .